A-Level Learning Resource Act 1 of Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro

90 mins


  • Lesson Film
  • Music

This new resources illuminates the story, characters and music of The Marriage of Figaro. The material in this resource focuses on Act 1 and is designed to support the study of this opera as a set work, accompanying the AQA A-Level Music curriculum, Analysis and Understanding Strand B: Mozart’s Operas.


After exploring this resource the student will have a better understanding of:

  • Opera as storytelling.
  • The key themes and characters in Act 1 of The Marriage of Figaro.
  • How an opera singer creates and sings as a character.
  • The role of music as a tool for storytelling.

An opera is more than the music alone. It requires singers and instrumentalists, directors, designers and a host of craftspeople to bring it to life. It is theatrical storytelling, and this material provides the behind-the-scenes information explaining how it is created.

This resource accompanies the AQA A-Level Music syllabus, about which you can find details here.

You will need your score excerpts from Act 1: Overture; No. 1 Duetto Cinque… dieci… venti; No. 3 Cavatina Bravo, signor padrone… Se vuol ballare; and No. 6 Aria Non so più.