Royal Opera House Learning and Participation

Ballet, opera and theatrecraft have the power to enliven, challenge, inspire and transform lives. The Royal Opera House L&P department opens up this world of imagination to individuals and communities, giving them the chance to discover, question and create.



Our aim is to place creative learning at the centre of every child’s education, attainment and progress. We do this through a suite of online programmes which support teachers to take a step into our world. Our resources have been created with teachers in schools all over Britain, and rooted in the knowledge that teachers need high quality, inspirational materials that can be consumed in ways that suit their classroom and the needs of their students.



Our educational resources are constructed in a way that allows the teacher to Taste, Explore or Immerse into our world. All our resources come from atoms which can be brought together in different combinations, which enables the teacher to make key decisions about how they are used.



The Resource Hub holds all the atomic pieces of our resources. This means you can search and discover all units of work – from a warm up/cool down activity right through to full size lesson plans and schemes of work.



The courses on the ROH Learning Platform are all conceived as introductions to the world of opera, ballet and theatrecraft. Over a period of time, the teacher will lead the class through an exciting engagement with a production, leading to the staging or choreography of a scene. All the materials are linked with the Music, PE and Art, Design and Technology curriculums, and also with cross-curricular subjects such as PSHE, Literacy and Numeracy.

Taster Courses

The Taster Course is the first step in an engagement with one of our Programmes. Consisting of two units of work, the teacher can choose to deliver these however best suits the time of year, classroom or students.

Explorer Courses

The Explorer Course is a five-unit scheme of work which digs a little more deeply into a given production and artform. These are best utilised when the teacher has a week or more, where students can be immersed in the world of opera and ballet. Outcomes include the basics of ballet and singing technique, staging and design.

Immersive Courses 

The Immersive Course is a ten-unit scheme of work which enables the class to spend a few weeks or even a term embedded in a production, the staging of a scene and the development of technical skills.

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