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Volunteer Programme in Thurrock

The Royal Opera House Volunteer Programme in Thurrock provides a rich and vibrant schedule of participation for volunteers in Thurrock, enabling volunteers to make a direct contribution to the Thurrock community.

Volunteers assist with a variety of events and activities at the High House Production Park such as Public Tours, school visits and various other public events in Thurrock such as ROH Thurrock Community Chorus performances.  We also have volunteers who assist with office tasks such as making phone calls, photocopying, posting letters and data entry for our databases.

"I love the arts so volunteering at the Royal Opera House Production Workshop in Thurrock is great fun, my colleagues are really friendly
and every time I am on a tour here, I learn something new from one of the guides"

Denny Ferry

Royal Opera House Thurrock Volunteer

To find out more about joining our volunteer programme please email or phone +44 (0)1708 891200

Marsh Volunteer Award with the Royal Opera House

The Marsh Volunteer Award recognizes the efforts of volunteers who have demonstrated an on-going dedication and commitment to an area of work within the Royal Opera House. Since 2010, a small number of volunteers are selected for the award each year and are presented with their awards at a ceremony at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. In 2017, three Royal Opera House Thurrock volunteers received the award.