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Youth Opera Company

The Royal Opera House’s Youth Opera Company is a 50-strong group of diverse, talented children aged nine-to-13-years-old. Members come from across London and the South East and from a wide variety of backgrounds. What they have in common is real potential as singers and actors; potential that they discover and develop through being part of the Company. They generally meet once a fortnight, at the Royal Opera House, for a full day of workshops and rehearsals.

How did it start?

Youth Opera Company was established in 2010, following an extensive series of workshops involving over 400 children; they had discovered a passion for singing through school projects run by the Royal Opera House and other organizations with a commitment to learning and participation. The aim was – and remains – to keep our recruitment base as broad as possible and to give opportunities to everyone, irrespective of whether they have previous experience of opera or not.

Who can join the Company?

We hold annual auditions for the Youth Opera Company, which are by invitation only.

We invite children to audition through schools who are part of our ongoing programme and through a number of key partner organizations. This enables us to work with children with outstanding potential who have established an interest in singing through existing projects, but who do not necessarily have access to ongoing provision at an advanced level.

Please do not send speculative applications as we are unable to consider them.

What does the Company perform?

The Youth Opera Company works on one major performance project of its own each season. In addition to this, some members of the Youth Opera Company also take part in productions with The Royal Opera. In 2015, the children’s cast in Carmen is drawn from members of the Youth Opera Company.

What’s it like?

We recently asked a few members of the Company to tell us about their experiences.

YOC involves enjoying yourself, leaning about music, making new friends, taking part, singing, acting and having fun!”

Orla, aged 9

Being in YOC involves going to the Royal Opera House for workshops about once a fortnight.”

Ella B, aged 11

Being a member of YOC involves a balance of dedication, work and fun, which is why we all love it so much.”

Eden, aged 12

It involves different people from different cities and from different backgrounds who have a big passion for singing and acting.”

Nikolas, aged 12

If you have any queries about the Youth Opera Company, contact us at

Please note that auditions for the Youth Opera Company are by invitation only.  

Youth Opera Company is generously supported by Bjarne and Yvonne Rieber and Gonzalo and Maria Garcia