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Package FAQs

Our flexible packages will be are available to book online from the start of the 2014/15 Season.

If you have a query about packages that isn’t answered below please contact the Box Office using the Contact us form (please make sure you pick 'Box Office' from the 'Send to' list). You can also reach us by email at or by telephone on +44 (0)20 7304 4000 (Mon-Sat, 10am-8pm).

What is a package? #
A package allows you to buy multiple performances across a range of productions in a single purchase. Each package has a rule that governs how many performances need to be purchased (e.g. "a minimum of 3 performances"). You must buy the same number of tickets for every performance across your package.

What is the difference between the old 'fixed packages' and the new 'flexible packages'? #
A fixed package offered you pre-selected performance dates across the selection of productions and a fixed seat across those performances, you could not change the dates and you had to buy the package as offered. A flexible package allows you to build your own series of performances according to the dates that suit you, letting you choose the seats for each performance.

What are the benefits of buying a package? #
Packages enable you to save from 5% to 33% on the total cost, depending on which package you choose. Packages also enable you to secure tickets for the most in demand productions.

When are packages available to book? #
Packages become available via phone and online for Premium 2, Premium 1 and Supporting Friends on the same day as usual booking period onsale days. For both Friends and General booking our packages will become available in the week before the standard booking period onsale day - this will usually be on the Tuesday, where schedules allow, but this may deviate and so please do check the date on the Packages page.

What types of packages will be on offer? #
We categorize our packages into four. There are packages where you can 'Design Your Own' experience, 'Mini' packages that are designed to show you the range of our productions, 'Total' packages that include all the operas or ballets in the given booking period and packages designed exclusively for 'Families'.

Is there a restriction on the performance dates made available? #
For most productions all of the performance dates will be available, but there will be occasional productions where demand is very high and some performances are unavailable.

What seats/sections are available? #
Each type of package will be made available in an Orchestra Stalls (inc. Stalls Circle) and Amphitheatre package, where the best seats will be on offer. You can choose any seats within the available price types and sections using our select your own seat functionality or best available option. Our packages will usually contain Orchestra Stalls Rows C-W Centre, Stalls Circle Rows A-C Centre and Amphitheatre Rows B–F Centre and B–E Sides.

Do ticket limits apply? #
Packages are excluded from the usual ticket limits but may affect your ability to buy standard tickets for the same production later on. You can continue to buy tickets within a package when you have reached your ticket limits in the standard process but you will not able to buy more individual tickets at a later point. You can buy up to nine tickets per performance in a package or up to 6 in a family package (a maximum of 2 adults and at least one adult for every two children).

Is there a limit to the number of packages I can buy? #
No, there are no limits on the number of packages you can buy.

Can I book a package in person? #
Packages are an advance booking opportunity; therefore they are only available online and via our telephone service.

Can I book a different quantity of tickets for one of the performances in the package? #
No. If you want to buy additional tickets for one performance you could do this through the standard ticket purchase process, although it may be easier to speak directly to our Box Office staff. Please be aware that package purchases contribute to your ticket limits in the standard ticket purchase process and so you would need to make the standard purchases first.

Can I book multiple dates for the same production? #
Our packages are configured to offer a selection of productions and so you cannot buy multiple performances for a production within one package. However, you can purchase multiple packages and select different performances of the same production.

Can I exchange my tickets? #
You can exchange up to two dates from a Total Opera or a Total Ballet package, or one date from a Mini, Design Your Own and Family package. You can only exchange your tickets for another performance of the same production in the same booking period at the same price. To offer an exchange, we will need to receive the original tickets at least three working days before the performance in question. Otherwise, we can only offer to resell the tickets, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee being able to do this. Exchanges are subject to availability and the usual Box Office conditions apply.