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Join thousands of students already making the most of ROH Students. It is absolutely free to join and could be the start of a fantastic journey into opera and ballet.

(valid Student ID required for benefits listed below)

ROH Students is generously made possible by the Bunting Family and Simon Robey.

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What's in it for me?

So what do you get out of being an ROH Student? The first and best thing – it is free to register.

Booking your tickets

This is the really easy bit – once you have registered with us just keep an eye on your inbox.

The Ambassadors

Every Season, we invite students from across the UK to apply to become Ambassadors for the ROH.

News and social media

Make sure you follow us on Twitter and the ROH Students Facebook page.

Cinema Student Standby

Get two tickets for only £10 when you turn up in person at one our participating cinemas on the day of the live screening.

Graduates and Young Friends

What's next? Continue to receive offers as a Graduate or join our Young Friends scheme for access to priority booking and special events.

Other student schemes

We are not the only arts venue offering great deals for Students – so don’t limit yourself to just us.

Terms and conditions

Or as we like to call it – the slightly boring but necessary nitty gritty.

News and features

  1. 12 August 2015

    Applications open for Student Ambassadors 2015/16

    Why you should help us to spread the word about ballet and opera across the UK.

  2. 26 March 2015

    ROH Students Editathon: Improving Wikipedia’s articles on dance

    Our recent event set the ROH Student Ambassadors to the task of improving the online encyclopedia's articles on all things ballet.

  3. 10 March 2015

    Inside the world of the ROH Student Ambassador

    Ambassadors at a growing number of universities around the UK are flagging great deals for students and raising the profile of opera and ballet.