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FUSED Festival: Introduction to Sight Reading Workshop: Saturday 29 June 2013, 3.30pm

FUSED Festival

Tilbury Cruise Terminal

A three day annual festival of concerts, workshops, interactive exhibitions and activities. Events take place at the The Backstage Centre, Purfleet, Essex RM19 1RJ.


This workshop is for people who would like a basic introduction to reading music, or for those who would like a refresher course and it will also have some tips for sight singing. Led by Alexander Campkin, we will take the mystery out of notation and explore how the dots on the page relate to what you hear, exploring pitch, rhythm and dynamics. It will also help you to follow your part in the music and see how it relates to the harmony.

Suitable for children 14+ Tickets: £3 (no concessions) Running time: about 25 minutes, no break.