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400 years of opera

How to re-create the sound of baroque music

Why performing Baroque opera is as much about chisels as cellos.

Orfeo Musical Highlight: 'Possente spirto'

Monteverdi shows both technical mastery and breathtaking innovation in this ravishing aria, a centrepiece of the opera.

The ‘Tristan Chord’: the most significant chord in Western music?

Wagner is credited with changing the course of Western music in just four notes, but what turned a chord into a musical icon?

A trip around Handel’s London

Handel made his mark, and then some – and nearly 300 years later we can still revisit some of his favourite haunts.

Opera and censorship: A history of bans and forced rewrites

Political and moral agendas have seen some of history’s greatest composers put under pressure to change their work.

What is (and isn’t) verismo?

Operas about ‘real people’ and verismo operas are not always the same thing.