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Who's who

Chief Executive†

Alex Beard CBE

Chief Operating Officer

Sally O'Neill


Director of Development
Amanda Saunders
Head of Strategic Funding
Lindsey Glen
Head of Development Events
Caroline Dalziel
Head of Sponsorship and Patrons
Jane Storie
Head of Philanthropy
David Spinola
Head of Friends and Patrons 
Susan Fisher
Head of Research
Brian Kerr
Financial Controller
Natalie Whyte

Digital Development and Technology

Chief Technology Officer
Rob Greig
Head of Digital Development
Jamie Tetlow
Head of Technology Operations
Jason Oliver
Programme Manager
Tracy Wang


Managing Director
Alastair Roberts
Head of Advertising
Helen Ball
+44 (0)20 7212 9455
Head of Commerical Programming
Moya Maxwell
Executive Producer, Opus Arte
Ben Pateman
Licensing Manager
Gwyneth Campling
Head of ROH Media
Tony Followell
Head of Film and Broadcast Production
Lisa Quilter
Cinema Operations Manager
Edgar Kamga
Commissioning Editor
John Snelson
Publications Manager
Kate Shaw
Head of Online Content
Ellen West
Retail Manager
Robert Perry


Director of Finance
Mindy Kilby
Head of Financial Accounts
Manjeet Sandhu
Payroll Manager
John Yates
Head of Facilities
Ian Brown

Learning and Participation

Learning and Participation Director††
Jillian Barker
General Manager
Sarah James
Head of Collections
Francesca Franchi
Head of ROH Thurrock and Thames Gateway
Matt Lane
Head of Bridge Programme
Sally Manser
Bridge Managers
Emma Betts
Kelly Lean
Emma Crook
Martin Russell
Creative Producer, Learning and Participation
Tom Nelson
Learning and Participation Managers
Bonnie Jerrard (Ballet)
Fiona Lambert (Opera)
Hannah Elder (Orchestra)
Gabrielle Forster-Still (Thurrock)
Sam Sparling (Audience Engagement Projects Manager)
Insights Programme Manager
Victoria Aspden
Business Support Programme Manager
Michelle Flinn


Director of Marketing
Caroline Bailey
Head of Marketing
Layla Amirshahi
Head of Marketing (Enterprises)
Jeff Coventry
Box Office Operations Manager
Henrik Madsen
Box Office Duty Managers
David Bevins
Jon Burns
Robbie Das (Staff and Budgets)
Donal Kearney
Simone Sartirani
House Manager
Nicki Spencer
Deputy House Manager
Amanda Lane
Assistant House Managers
Adam Holgado
Salvatore Scalzo
Front of House Duty Manager
Eve Harris
Tours Manager
Barry Stewart


Director of Personnel
Elizabeth Bridges
HR Managers
Ingrid Firminger
Steven Foulston
Greg Jauncey
Occupational Health Advisor
Ruby Grierson


Director of Planning
Hazel Province
General Counsel and Company Secretary
Fiona Le Roy
Business Affairs Manager
Chloe Lake
Planning Manager
Duncan Orr

Press and Communications

Director of Press and Communications
Christopher Millard
Head of Press and Communications
Elizabeth Bell
Head of Ballet Press
Ashley Woodfield
Head of Opera Press
Ann Richards
Corporate Relations Manager
Hywel David
Press Officer, ROH Cinema and Special Projects
Sophie Wilkinson

Technical Direction

Technical Director
Stefano Pace
Deputy Technical Director
David Pritchard
Head of Stage
Gary Mardon
Financial Controller
John Bernasko
Production Hires and Logistics Manager
Mark Duffy
Head of Lighting
Les Bone
Lighting Managers
Simon Bennison
John Charlton
Project Team Managers
Gary Crofts
Mark Loader
John-Paul Percox
Gary Whiffen
Flys Manager
Andy Collett
Build Crew Manager
Terry Rex
Senior Stage Managers
Johanna Adams Farley (Ballet)
Simon Catchpole (Opera)
Stage Managers
Emma Turner
Jo Holmes
Sound and Broadcast Manager
Steven Zissler
Linbury and Events Manager
Martin Adams
Production Managers
Susan Usher
Chris Harding-Roberts
Colin Maxwell
Will Harding
Nic Harris
Head of Scenic Construction
Mark Pursey
Head Property Maker
Antony Barnett
Head of Scenic Art
Emma Troubridge
Head Armourer
Robert Barham
Head of Costume
Fay Fullerton MBE
Head of Costume Workshops
Mal Barton
Performance Support Co-ordinator
Ysanne Rawlings
Costume Supervisor
Ilaria Martello
Wigs and Make-up Co-ordinator (New Productions)
Melanie Bouvet
Head of Men’s Costume Workroom
Lesley Boorer
Head of Women’s Costume Workroom
Catriona Paterson
Head of Performance Support Costume Workshops
Elizabeth King
Head of Hats and Jewellery
Janet Steiner
Head of Dyeing and Costume Painting
Francesca Harwood

†Position generously supported by Bob and Tamar Manoukian
††Position generously supported by the John Beckwith Charitable Trust