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ROH Links

ROH Links is a skills sharing and capacity building programme offered by the Royal Opera House to smaller and medium-sized performing arts organizations. The programme has been developed in partnership with Arts Council England to allow us to work with other organizations in receipt of ACE funding to enhance their sustainability and impact by sharing the skills and expertise of our people in a variety of disciplines. The scheme also gives the ROH a valuable opportunity to learn from Links participants about their perspectives and approaches to arts provision in different regional and organizational settings.

The programme is open to professional opera, theatre, ballet or dance organizations, orchestras, choirs, arts venues, digital companies, and learning and participation organizations in the arts sector from any geographical or community background. Three organizations are invited to join the scheme each year for a period of up to two years. Each organization is assigned an ROH Partner from within the ROH Executive Team with whom they can discuss their strengths and development needs and identify the areas where the ROH is best placed to offer guidance. Support is provided in the form of 1:1 meetings with senior ROH staff, shadowing opportunities, site visits, conference calls, etc. for up to a maximum of 20 ROH staff hours per year combined.

The programme was launched in 2012/13 season with the following three organizations invited to participate in the pilot year:

Find out more about these companies here

Three more organizations have been invited to participate in the second year of the programme:

Find out more here

We are now looking to invite three new organizations to join the scheme in 2015. The criteria for applicants, along with information on how to apply, can be found here.