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Former Young Artists

The Programme was launched in September 2001. Six singers were put forward by agents and others in the opera world, and then chosen from auditions in late 2000/early 2001. Since then, auditions by application have been held annually in November and December to select new intakes to start the following September. Each singer is contracted for two years and as such, every season half of singers on the Programme are in their first year while the other half is in their second.

The first music staff auditions were held early in 2002, and a conductor and répétiteur selected to start in September 2002. Since then, music staff auditions have been held every other year to replace those leaving at the end of their two-year contract. In addition to the full-time conductor and répétiteur, an associate conductor/répétiteur is often appointed for one year or two. Since 2008, there has been the option of appointing a conductor or pianist to work mainly with The Royal Ballet.

The first stage director interviews were also held in early 2002. The director chosen returned to his native country after a few months, so interviews were held again in early 2003 and a director appointed in September. Since then, interviews have been held every other year to replace the director leaving at the end of the two-year contract, with a few minor variations along the way.

The following artists have been members of the Programme so far:


Dušica BijelićAnna Devin, Susana Gaspar, Anush Hovhannisyan, Kiandra HowarthAna James, Kishani Jayasinghe, Gweneth-Ann Rand, Ha Young Lee, Pumeza Matshikiza, Sally Matthews, Elisabeth MeisterSimona Mihai, Eri Nakamura, Victoria Nava, Madeleine Pierard, Marina Poplavskaya, Ailish Tynan, Katie Van Kooten, Anita Watson


Tove Dahlberg, Justina Gringyte, Liora Grodnikaite, Ekaterina Gubanova, Hanna Hipp, Nadezhda Karyazina, Rachel Kelly, Monika-Evelin Liiv, Kai Rüütel


Pablo Bemsch, Alfie Boe, David Butt Philip, Steven Ebel, Alexander James Edwards, Hubert Francis, Robert Anthony Gardiner, Luis Gomes, Andrew Kennedy, Ji Hyun Kim, Dawid Kimberg (studied on the Programme as a baritone), Nikola Matišić, Edgaras Montvidas, Robert Murray, Ji-Min Park, Andrew Sritheran, Haoyin Xue


Michel de Souza, Grant Doyle, Jared Holt, Jacques Imbrailo, Changhan Lim, Ashley Riches, ZhengZhong Zhou


Daniel Grice, Darren JefferyKostas Smoriginas, Krzysztof Szumanski


Robert Gleadow, Lukas Jakobski, Jihoon Kim, Vuyani Mlinde, Matthew Rose

Stage Directors

Harry Fehr, Rodula Gaitanou, Thomas Guthrie, José Dario Innella, Tomasz Konina, André Heller-Lopes, Pedro Ribeiro, Vera Petrova

Music Staff (opera)

Catriona Beveridge, Timothy Burke, Michele Gamba, Oliver Gooch, Andrew Griffiths, Adrian Kelly, Volker Krafft, Rory Macdonald, Steven Moore, Geoffrey Paterson, Jean-Paul Pruna, Daniele Rustioni, Susanna Stranders, Paul Wingfield, Yuval Zorn

Music Staff (ballet)

Dominic Grier, Helen Nicholas

Former Young Artists agent contacts


Dušica Bijelić (2012/14) is represented by Sermodus

Anna Devin (2010/12) is represented by IMG Artists

Susana Gaspar (2011/13) is represented by TACT International Art Management

Anush Hovhannisyan (2013/15) is represented by Balmer Dixon Management

Kiandra Howarth (2013/15) represents herself

Ana James (2005/7) represents herself

Kishani Jayasinghe (2006/8) is represented by Owen White Management

Gweneth-Ann Rand (2001/3) is represented by Steven Swales Management

Ha Young Lee (2002/5) is represented by Opera Base.

Pumeza Matshikiza (2007/9) records for Decca Classics

Sally Matthews (2001/3) is represented by Maxine Robertson Management

Elisabeth Meister (2009/11) represents herself

Simona Mihai (2008/10) represents herself

Eri Nakamura (2008/10) is represented by Intermusica

Victoria Nava (2003/5) represents herself

Madeleine Pierard (2010/12) is represented by Music International

Marina Poplavskaya (2005/7) is represented by Zemsky Green Artists Management

Ailish Tynan (2002/4) is represented by Steven Swales Artist Management

Katie Van Kooten (2004/6) is represented by IMG Artists

Anita Watson (2007/9) is represented by James Black Management


Tove Dahlberg (2002/4) represents herself

Justina Gringyte (2011/13) is represented by IMG Artists

Liora Grodnikaite (2004/6) is represented on Opera Base

Hanna Hipp (2011/13) is represented by IMG Artists

Ekaterina Gubanova (2002/4) is represented by Ariosi Management

Nadezhda Karyazina (2013/15) is represented by Askonas Holt

Rachel Kelly (2013/15) is represented by Harrison Parrott

Monika-Evelin Liiv (2007/9) is represented on Opera Base

Kai Rüütel (2009/11) is represented by Intermusica


Pablo Bemsch (2011/13) is represented by Svanholm Kopec Artists Management.

Alfie Boe (2001/2) is represented by United Talent Agency

David Butt Philip (2012/14) is represented by Ingpen & Williams

Steven Ebel (2009/11) represents himself

Alexander James Edwards (2003/5) is represented by James Black Management

Hubert Francis (2002/4) is represented by Rayfield Allied

Robert A. Gardiner (2008/10) is represented by Owen White Management

Luis Gomes (2013/15) is represented by Askonas Holt

Andrew Kennedy (2003/5) is represented by Hazard Chase

Ji Hyun Kim (2010/12) is represented by Music International

Dawid Kimberg (2009/11) is represented on Opera Base

Nikola Matišić (2005/7) is represented by Svenska Konsertbyrån

Edgaras Montvidas (2001/3) is represented by Maxine Robertson Management

Robert Murray (2004/6) is represented by Askonas Holt

Ji-Min Park (2007/9) is represented by Askonas Holt

Andrew Sritheran (2005/7) is represented by Opern-und Konzertagentur Therese Renick

Haoyin Xue (2006/8) represents himself


Michel de Souza (2012/14) is represented by IMG Artists.

Grant Doyle (2001/3) is represented by Rayfield Allied

Jared Holt (2003/5) is represented on Opera Base

Jacques Imbrailo (2006/8) is represented by Intermusica

Changhan Lim (2008/10) is represented on Opera Base

Ashley Riches (2012/14) is represented by Hazard Chase.

ZhengZhong Zhou (2010/12) is represented by Askonas Holt


Daniel Grice (2010/12) is represented by Harlequin

Darren Jeffery (2001/3) is represented by Ingpen & Williams

Kostas Smoriginas (2007/9)  is represented by Askonas Holt

Krzysztof Szumanski (2006/8) represents himself


Robert Gleadow (2005/7) is represented by IMG Artists

Lukas Jakobski (2009/11) is represented by Maxine Robertson Management

Jihoon Kim (2011/13) is represented by Sermodus

Vuyani Mlinde (2007/9) is represented by Intermusica

Matthew Rose (2003/5) is represented by Askonas Holt

Music Staff

Catriona Beveridge (2006/8) represents herself

Timothy Burke (2006/8) represents himself

Michele Gamba (2012/14) is represented by Sorek Artists Management

Oliver Gooch (2004/6) represents himself

Dominic Grier (2008/10) is represented by Athole Still

Andrew Griffiths (2006/8) represents himself

Adrian Kelly (2002/4) is represented by Encompass Arts

Volker Krafft (2010/12) is on the music staff at Hamburg State Opera

Rory Macdonald (2004/6) is represented by Intermusica

Steven Moore (2008/10) is a member of the music staff at Karlsruhe Opera

Helen Nicholas (2012/13) represents herself

Geoffrey Paterson (2010/12) represents himself

Jean-Paul Pruna (2010/12) is represented by Agence Janie Lalande

Susanna Stranders (2004/6) represents herself

Daniele Rustioni (2008/10) is represented by Arts Management Company

Paul Wingfield (2012/14) represents himself

Yuval Zorn (2002/4) is represented by Karsten Witt Musikmanagement

Stage Directors

Harry Fehr (2005/7) is represented by Caroline Phillips

Rodula Gaitanou (2010/11) is represented by Jo Probitts Arts Management

Thomas Guthrie (2007/9) is represented by Percius

André Heller-Lopes (2003/5) is represented by Concertato

José Dario Innella (2009/10) is represented by Sermodus

Tomasz Konina (2002) represents himself

Vera Petrova (2007/9) is Deputy Manager of Productions at Sofia National Opera

Pedro Ribeiro (2011/13) represents himself