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How to apply for the Jette Parker Young Artists Programme

There is not an upper or lower age limit for the Programme. However, applicants should bear in mind that the Programme is intended to benefit extremely gifted individuals at the start of their professional careers. Singers, conductors or répétiteurs are expected to have some performance experience and to have completed training at an established music college (although this is not an essential requirement). Stage directors are expected to have some experience in mounting productions, either as a director or an assistant director.

Singer Auditions

The annual singer auditions will next be held at the Royal Opera House from 25 November to 3 December 2014. Click here for further information about when and how to apply for these auditions.

In addition, it is planned to offer preliminary auditions in London and Vienna in late September or early October with David Gowland (Artistic Director, Jette Parker Young Artists Programme) and David Syrus (Head of Music, The Royal Opera ) for singers who prefer to sing in person rather than submit a recording with their application for the annual auditions. All the rest of the application material will be the same as for the annual auditions, including two references. Full details of dates and how to apply will be sent to the auditions mailing list and posted on the website at the end of August. The application deadline will be a few weeks later and successful applicants will be informed as quickly as possible after the deadline.

Stage Director Auditions

Stage director interviews will next be held in early 2015 to select a director to start in September 2015. Click here for further information.

Music Staff Auditions

Music staff auditions will next be held in early 2016 to find opera and ballet music staff to start in September 2016. Click here for further information.

For further information, contact the Auditions Coordinator at

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