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Deloitte Ignite - The Ring Cyclotrope

The Ring Cyclotrope | Royal Opera House
Until 6 December 2013
No Tickets Required

Es Devlin’s The Ring Cyclotrope – a brand new and intriguing introduction to how an opera house works and to the work of Richard Wagner - is now installed on Bow Street, in front of the Paul Hamlyn Hall. As the final part of Deloitte Ignite 2013 it is free access to all and open from 12noon-11pm.

We hope that the Cyclotrope will be a surprising experience for many people, being inspired by seeing not just the art of the opera house, but the skills, passion and dedication that goes into making it happen live in the opera house night after night – behind the scenes, in the orchestra pit and of course on the stage itself.

Die Walküre Act III synopsis
The Valkyrie Brünnhilde has disobeyed her father and tried to help his son, the hero Siegmund. Wotan has killed Siegmund. Brünnhilde and her fellow Valkyries help Siegmund’s lover Sieglinde, pregnant with his son, to escape. As punishment Wotan banishes Brünnhilde from her home to lie on a mountain top asleep until a man finds and wakes her – but he cannot forget his love for his daughter, and promises to encircle her in a ring of fire that only a hero can break through to wake her. Why not find out more about Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen.

Conductor | Antonio Pappano
Director | Keith Warner
Associate Director | Walter Sutcliffe
First Assistant Director | Michael Moxham
Set Designs | Stefanos Lazaridis
Associate Set Designer | Matthew Deely
Costume designs | Marie-Jeanne Lecca
Lighting Design | Wolfgang Göbbel
Video designs | Mic Pool and Dick Str aker
Movement Director | Michael Barry
Original Movement Director | Claire Glaskin
Fight Co-ordinators | Austin Spangler and Annie Lees-Jones

Orchestra of the Royal Opera House | Concert Master Vasko Vassilev

Production Manager | Carl Root
Costume Supervisor | Christopher Porter
Assistant to the Production Manager | Emily Seekings
Assistant to the Costume Supervisor | Morena Burtini
Associate Design Engineer | Paul Sadler (Delstar Engineering Ltd)
Hydraulics Operators | Miki Jablkowska and Shamus Maxwell
Stage Management | Adam Lawley, Sarah Woodward, Fran Beaumont and Madeleine Cootes

Sieglinde | Eva-Maria Westbroek
Wotan | Bryn Terfel
Brünnhilde | Susan Bullock (A valkyrie, daughter of Wotan)
Gerhilde | Alwyn Mellor
Ortlinde | Katherine Broderick
Waltraute | Karen Cargill
Schwertleite | Anna Burford
Helmwige | Elisabeth Meister
Siegrune | Sarah Castle
Grimgerde | Clare Shearer
Rossweisse | Madeleine Shaw

Es Devlin
Es Devlin is most recently famed for her work on the London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony and whose set designs can be seen in The Royal Opera’s new production of Don Giovanni which opens in February 2014 at the Royal Opera House.