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Boards and Committees


HRH The Prince of Wales

Hon. Vice-President
Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover KG

Hon. Vice-President
Dame Vivien Duffield DBE

Chief Executive
Alex Beard CBE

Board of Trustees

Ian Taylor Chair
Lady Heywood Deputy Chair
Tim Bunting
Kirsty Cooper
Dr Genevieve Davies
Sir Lloyd Dorfman CBE
Dame Vivien Duffield DBE
Hamish Forsyth
Susan Hoyle OBE
Sir Nicholas Hytner
Sir John Kingman
Julian Metherell
Munira Mirza
Paul Morrell OBE
Laura Wade-Gery
Roger Wright CBE
Danny Wyler

Fiona Le Roy Company Secretary

Finance and Operations Committee

Lady Heywood Chair
Sir Lloyd Dorfman CBE
Sir Nicholas Hytner
Sir John Kingman
Julian Metherell
Ian Taylor
Laura Wade-Gery
Danny Wyler

Audit and Risk Committee

Julian Metherell Chair
Lady Heywood
Sir Nicholas Hytner
Sir John Kingman
Ian Taylor
Laura Wade-Gery
Danny Wyler

Learning and Participation Committee

Munira Mirza Chair
Hilary Carty*
Dame Vivien Duffield DBE
Jane Ellison*
David Hall*
Anne McElvoy*
Dame Theresa Sackler*
Ian Taylor
Dr Susan Tranter*

*Co-opted Committee Member

Development Committee

Ian Taylor Chair
Ian Andrews
Roger Barron
Sue Butcher
The Countess of Chichester
Dr Genevieve Davies
Martin Houston
Robert Kalff
Sophie Lecoq
Thomas Lynch
Bernard and Genevieve Mensah
Julian Metherell
Sir Simon Robertson
Kristina Rogge
Dame Gail Ronson
John Singer
The Earl of Snowdon
Natasha Tsukanova
Danny Wyler
Lady Young of Graffham

People and Organization Committee

Ian Taylor Chair
Dame Vivien Duffield DBE
Lady Heywood
Julian Metherell
Munira Mirza

Royal Opera House Endowment Fund

Dame Vivien Duffield DBE Chair
Sir David Lees
Sir Stuart Lipton
Julian Metherell
Sir Simon Robertson
Sir Simon Robey
Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia
Peter Troughton CBE

Honorary Trustees

The Countess of Chichester
Dame Gail Ronson

Board of Honorary Directors

Ian Taylor Chair
The Countess of Chichester Honorary Vice Chair
Dame Gail Ronson Honorary Vice Chair
Gregory and Regina Annenberg Weingarten
Lady Ashcroft
Mr and Mrs Baha Bassatne
Mikhail Bakhtiarov
Celia Blakey
BP International – Peter Mather
Tim and Sarah Bunting
Ricki Gail Conway
Coutts & Co. – Peter Flavel
Dr Peter and Fiona Cruddas
Dr Genevieve Davies
Sir Lloyd Dorfman CBE
Dame Vivien Duffield DBE
Aline Foriel-Destezet
Margarita Louis-Dreyfus and Phillipp Hildebrand
Hani Farsi
Hamish and Sophie Forsyth
Kenneth and Susan Green
Jane Hamlyn
Linda and Philip Harley
Dr Catherine Høgel
Aud Jebsen
Anna and Moshe Kantor
Doug and Ceri King
Alfiya and Timur Kuanyshev
Lord and Lady Laidlaw
Rena and Sandro Lavery
Bertrand and Elisabeth Meunier
Marit Mohn
Mrs Susan A. Olde OBE
Stefan Sten Olsson
Jette and Alan Parker
Natalie Parker
Mrs Clarissa Pierburg
Yvonne and Bjarne Rieber
Sir Simon and Lady Robertson
Rolex – Arnaud Boetsch
Dame Theresa Sackler
Mrs Lily Safra
Lord and Lady Sainsbury of Preston Candover
Kim Samuel
Ian and Tina Taylor
Lindsay and Sarah Tomlinson
Tsukanov Family
Van Cleef & Arpels – Geoffroy Medinger
Dr and Mrs Michael West
Anonymous (1)


Our Board

We want our Board to be representative of the rich diversity of the UK. We look to have a balance of expertise and experience in the areas of opera, ballet, music, management, education, finance and other relevant skills as may be required from time to time. As well as this range of skills, the Board seeks to ensure an appropriate gender and ethnic balance.

We believe that a well-balanced board will not only encourage better leadership and governance, but further contribute to better all-round board performance, and ensure representation of all potential beneficiaries of our work.

All Trustees have an equal right to participate and to state their views, whilst respecting those of others. They are expected to show a willingness to work co-operatively with other Trustees in the Royal Opera House’s best interests.

Board selection and appointment process

The People and Organisation Committee regularly reviews the structure, size, composition, diversity and succession needs of the Board, ensuring that the Board has the required blend of skills and experience.

Before beginning the search for candidates for appointment to the Board, the Committee prepares a written description of the role and capabilities required for that appointment having evaluated the balance of skills, knowledge and experience currently on the Board.

An extensive search is conducted to find appropriate candidates and external recruitment firms are used to support this where necessary in order to ensure that the Board has the required blend of skills and experience.

Candidates are considered on merit and according to objective criteria.

Successful candidates are formally recommended to the Board for appointment as Trustees.

Board term and re-appointment

Trustees are appointed for an initial term of up to four years. They may be re-appointed for a second term of four years and where the Trustees consider there are exceptional circumstances, Trustees may be re-appointed for a third and final term of up to four years.

Remuneration and expenses

Trustees are not remunerated for their roles on the Board. Trustees may be paid all reasonable expenses properly incurred by them. Trustees are expected to attend as many productions as they can, across a range of the Royal Opera House’s work. Complimentary tickets are allocated to Trustees in accordance with the current complimentary ticket policy.

Supporting Development

All Trustees are expected to be a donor to the ROH, recognising that the level of donation is at the individual discretion of Trustees and that ROH understands that the ability to contribute will vary considerably according to an individual Trustee’s means and other commitments.