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Annual Review

Welcome to our Annual Review 2011/12

This year we have chosen not to produce a printed book. Instead we have created two versions – The Standard PDF and The Enriched PDF. They augment our work and enable us to be more environmentally responsible.

The Standard PDF contains a journey around our year in words and stunning stills’ photography and is quick to download and view in Adobe Reader.

The Enriched PDF is a multimedia version that has a variety of short films embedded within it – from performances, to interviews, to insights – to offer an engaging and informative experience.  To view it please ensure that you have Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player downloaded and installed.

Then simply click and save the PDF to your computer’s desktop (right-click and select ‘save’). Once it has downloaded, double click to open and enjoy in Adobe Reader.

For more information on the Annual Review contact Hywel David on +44 (0)20 7212 9526 or

Royal Opera House

Our Annual Accounts are a separate document and can be accessed for free via the Charities Commission website.

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